Thank you for choosing Olie’s! Here are some simple steps to maintain the beauty and luster of your new finished floor.

Tip Toe Time

The first few weeks after application, use your floors with loving care. We recommend the following timeline to ensure proper drying and curing:

Walking on floors — at least 24 hours
Replacing furniture — 2-3 days
Rug/Carpet covering — 2 weeks
Any use of water — at least 2 weeks
Cleaning — 2-3 weeks

Note: Additional air circulation from open windows and fans will also help a finished floor cure faster.

Vacuum or Dust Mop

Sand and will cause premature wear.Vacuum or use an unteated dust mop on your floor regularly. Placing walk-off mats inside and outside of key entry points and near sinks will help prevent the spread of such material. If you use nonslide pads under rugs, make sure they are a breathable mesh type of material.


Wipe up food and spills immediately using a dampened (not soaking wet) cloth or paper towel. Excessive use of water can damage wood. Regular cleaning should be done with specially formulated hardwood floor cleaner designed specifically for your finished floor.

Feet and Paws.

Keep your shoes in good condition…high heels without a protective cap can actually dent the wood! Trim and buff your pet’s claws often. As an extra precautionary measure, you may choose to place booties on their feet to prevent premature scratching and wear.

Floor Protectors.

Be sure your chair legs and other pieces of furniture all have Felt Floor Protectors on them. Without protection, constant sliding and movement will prematurely wear and scratch your floor. Safeglides® are available for purchase online or through your professional flooring contractor.

No Wax, No Oils.

Finished floors should never be waxed or cleaned with oil-treated solutions. Wax and oils can contaminate your floor, creating adhesion and other problems with future recoats.


Even the most well-maintained floors eventually need recoating.  Contact your local professional contractor to discuss recoating your finished floor.  Do not attempt a repair of this sort on bare wood.

Know Your Floor.

Remember what products were used to finish and clean your wood floor. Keep track of the dates (month and year) the floor was installed, finished, refinished and/or repaired. Write down the company name of your floor installer and finisher. If or when you move, leave the above information in the home.